What's Occuring

Overall Event Timings

When do we start and finish, guv?

Saturday - 09:00 to 23:00
Sunday - 09:00 to 19:00

The venue opens at 9am each day. Proceedings will close at 11pm on Saturday and 7pm on Sunday, affording you time to travel home.

Planned games will be occuring during the windows listed below. Players planning on engaging in pick-up games should be aware of these timings as it will influence the availability of players during the event.

  • Saturday Day - 09:00 til 18:00
  • Saturday Evening- 18:00 til 23:00
  • Sunday Morning- 09:00 til 13:00
  • Sunday Afternoon- 13:00 til 19:00

It is suggested longer titles are scheduled during the Saturday day window, as we have a greater tolerance for overrun during said day.

Submitted proposals visible here, although the final schedule is a work in progress and as such, subject to change.

Planned Game Submissions - 9th Sep. to 22nd Sep.

For the wannabe conductors amongst you... Start your (steam) engines!

Players can register to host a game of their choosing during this window. As in, as of right now!

They must be able to provide a copy of the game and be prepared to teach the game to the other players. Additionally, it would helpful if they are able to bring a suitably sized poker chip bank to support the game as only a limited number of house banks will be available.

Hosts can complete the form below to submit to host a game during this session. If the options present are not sufficient to describe your requirements (e.g. extended time window required), please state in the game notes section:

Please note if a host submits for multiple events in the same session, then it is deemed that their first submission is the one they wanted to host.

Planned Game Registration - 13th Sep. to 11th Oct.

Coming soon!

Submitted proposals visible here, although the final schedule is a work in progress and as such, subject to change.

Signups will be taken on a first come, first served basis and should players submit for more than one game in a given time slot, the hosts will assign the player to one of the clashing preferences at their discretion.

The StationedOut.info website will be periodically updated with revised player counts for advertised session. Please note that said player counts are not a live representation of session status.

After the deadline for event signup has passed, players will be expected to either arrange their own games or join pre-organised sessions (if of interest), should capacity remain available.

Clarifications & Considerations

The small print...